See Trump Run (Run, Trump, Run!)

Is anyone else enjoying the Donald Trump show as much as I am? I’m not talking about NBC’s Celebrity Apprentice (which in any case is less entertaining since Gary Busey got whacked). I’m talking about the show where His Donald-ness drops by every conceivable televised news outlet and says things that you are absolutely not supposed to say, leaving his liberal interlocutors in fits of sputtering rage and apoplexia. Some of the unspeakable things the Donald has dared to speak include:

1) China is ripping us off. No question about that, is there? The Middle Kingdom has long manipulated its currency (the yuan) to the detriment of U.S. manufacturers, a de facto trade war which U.S. officials have often ignored because we need China to finance our debt (to fund ObamaCare and other socialist travesties because, you know, we don’t actually have the money). Recently a bipartisan congressional delegation led by Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid met with Chinese leaders to broach this exact issue, discreetly, no doubt, and ever-so politely. Trump calls it a disgrace and promises to retaliate in kind.

2) The Libya war is a disaster. Trump wants to know, and he’s not the only one:  What are we doing in Libya? Who are the rebels we are supporting? Are they any better than Gaddafi? The confused and confusing “kinetic military action” in Libya is exactly what one would expect from a commander-in-chief with a conflicted view of America’s role in the world, a reflexive antagonism towards our military, and a foolish fetish for international consensus. Trump’s take?  “I’m only interested in Libya if we take the oil.” Be still my heart.

3) Obama has not produced his original, long-form birth certificate. Talk about an inconvenient truth! Though this is an absolute fact, liberal journalists find it astonishing that anyone would find it suspicious. Indeed the media is more interested in portraying anyone interested in this issue as crazy (not to mention racist), than in actually investigating the issue itself.

This last is especially troublesome for the media: On the one hand, they are eager to book Trump, a colorful character who brings ratings and attention, but in doing so give him a platform for the “outrageous” views they find offensive.