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Secrets of the Secret Service

Hot Russian spythang Anna Chapman was busted and sent packing amid concerns that a female spy in her ring was getting too close to an Obama cabinet official.

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton was photographed partying down in Cartagena during the "summit" in Colombia.

Secret Service agents were busted in a prostitution scandal during the same trip to Colombia. As if to symbolize our times, they got busted because, like the government they work for, they failed to pay their bill.

The Government Services Agency (GSA) has become known more for its partying than for its government services.

All the president seems to do is campaign, party, campaign, play golf, campaign, and party some more. And most of his campaigning consists of partying with rich donors who are buying access to his White House.

While in Colombia last week, President Obama noted that he was in the country to scout out future vacation spots for his wife, Michelle. FLOTUS has taken 17 vacations in three years.

Related? Obama's phony "war on women" gambit features taxpayer funded contraception.

Is Jennifer Love Hewitt's The Client List turning out to be a documentary about the Obama years?