Second Amendment Under Fire: Gun Ownership in the Obama Era

There is something truly disturbing about the kind of politician generated in the state of Illinois, and particularly those who call Chicago home. No, I'm not talking about the widespread corruption that sends the elected officials of this state to prison with distressing regularity. I'm talking about the scathing distrust officials have for their citizens -- and for the citizens of the rest of the United States.

At this moment, Barack Obama, our neophyte trillion-dollar president, includes as one of his stated policy goals the reinstatement of the laughably ineffective Assault Weapons Ban amid other policies that are not only offensive to gun owners, but also threaten the lives of police officers.

This, of course, is the same Barack Obama who sat on the board of the Joyce Foundation as they cynically attempted to corrupt Second Amendment scholarship, buying law reviews and establishing foundations with the express goal of duping the justices of the Supreme Court of the United States. But Obama's distrust of those bitter, clingy Americans you call friends and family is hardly unique, and seems to be something deeply ingrained in Illinois Democrats.

An Illinois state representative by the name of Kenneth Dunkin is introducing an even more draconian proposal than Obama's policies, attempting to make it all but impossible for Illinois citizens to own firearms. It's an insidious scheme which would force citizens to carry at least $1 million in insurance to own a gun. The plan is being all but ignored in the media, the same media that would be verbally ripping Dunkin's proposed legislation apart if he proposed that journalists have a million-dollar libel insurance policy before writing a story.

The kicker? There do not seem to be companies offering the kind of insurance Dunkin would require -- something Dunkin  presumably knew as he wrote his bill, since he is on the Insurance Committee of the Illinois General Assembly. It seems that Dunkin's plan is to attempt to trap Illinois gun owners in a Catch-22 that would make it impossible for anyone in Illinois to legally own a gun because the insurance required doesn't exist.