Schauer’s Credible Credibility Issue Dominates Tortoise vs. Tortoise race in Michigan

“Mark Schauer Reaches Another Milestone” was the headline of a July 2 press release from the Michigan GOP claiming the “milestone” was reaching “400 days without a plan for Michigan.”

“After 400 days, Mark Schauer still refuses to offer a plan to Michigan families,” said Schostak. “What’s equally disturbing is his refusal to engage in any type of constructive dialogue given his 17 years as a career politician.”

The Michigan GOP even chided Schauer for failing to make an appearance at the iconic National Cherry Festival in Traverse City, Mich., while noting the state’s seven percent increase in leisure and hospitality jobs and “increased agricultural funding each year of his first term.”

Schauer has not had anything to say about Snyder’s support of agriculture but he has blasted the Republican for state school aid cuts. Schauer called the state’s education budget that was approved by the Michigan Legislature June 10 “an insult to Michigan students and families.”

“The numbers in this budget simply don’t add up. Most schools will get about 29 cents more per pupil, per school day. At the current rate of inflation, this means districts will actually get less in next year’s budget than they did this year, which will likely result in more teacher layoffs and larger class sizes,” Schauer said.

“We need a governor with the right priorities,” he continued. “Rick Snyder gave huge pay raises to his top cronies, a no-bid contract to his cousin’s furniture business, and a tax break for big oil companies. That’s no way to build a strong economy.”

Schauer has been throwing one piece of spaghetti after another at the wall, only to watch each slide to the floor.

He has blamed Snyder for everything that has gone wrong in Michigan from historically bad roads to rotten, maggot-infested food in one of the state’s prisons.

“Governor Snyder’s decision to outsource prison food service has proven to be a serious mistake that is wasting millions of taxpayer dollars and putting the lives of our corrections officers at risk,” said Schauer in a statement issued by his campaign after Michigan prison officials admitted finding fly larvae and maggots in a prison cafeteria serving line.

However, maggots aside, neither Snyder nor Schauer has been campaigning aggressively. Snyder has the money, but he doesn’t need to go on the offensive. Schauer wishes he had the money, but has the Democratic Governors Association to do the political advertising work for him.

Both candidates have been making their cases to the public through press releases and campaign appearances.

Public Policy Polling released a survey July 1 that showed Schauer had pulled into a 40-40 point tie in this tortoise versus tortoise race.

Snyder had led 43/39 in April and 44/40 in December, in previous PPP polls.

However, as optimistic as the Schauer camp is reading the PPP survey,  the Real Clear Politics aggregate poll shows Snyder with a 6 point lead, even taking into account the PPP survey.

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