Scenes from the NRA Exhibit Hall

Tens of thousands of NRA members assembled at the Music City Center in Nashville, TN, as the NRA 2015  Annual Meeting & Exhibits kicked off this morning.

Many of the presidential candidates will address the membership later today as they embark on the road to 2016. There are panels on everything from concealed-carry methods to self-defense techniques.

I spent some time in the NRA exhibit hall, which was packed tightly with eager spectators checking out the latest from the outdoor and firearm industries. Here's some notable products available to the public.

If you want to keep a firearm easily accessible while you sleep, this product from the ArmsReach company will keep your gun safe right next to you. It holds your gun and only opens with fingerprints of approved users.


Here's a close-up of the gun:


Speaking of concealing, the Secret Compartment Furniture company produces hand-made furniture that is designed to hide your self-defense firearms. Here's a table that just looks like a table a liberty-minded individual might own.

secret topX

But on the side of the table is a secret compartment for a firearm.


Another interesting piece to conceal your peace of mind is this bowl.


It looks like a normal decorative item, but underneath you find this:


If you are running out of room to store your firearms, you can upgrade to a larger size. (That's Jim Geraghty of National Review for scale.)


Some people like to wear their political beliefs on their clothes. This shirt seems to get a particular message across:


These things are a just a small sampling of interesting things at the NRA exhibit hall.  Once the massive crowd clears out, I plan to go back and continue looking. It takes a while to get through nine acres of exhibit hall.

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