Saudi Arabia: Keep Your Hands Off Syria

American leaders attempted to peel Assad from Iran for over five years, at the cost of thousands of American lives in Iraq and recently many thousands of Syrian lives. Now that Assad has been finally dumped by the U.S., the American people have the right to ask the tough questions: no one held those leading the charge for Saudi interests accountable for their deeds. The U.S. Congress, the only body to question these failed policies, has been silent for reasons that remain mysterious. The mistakes pile up, and the ultimate losers are the Syrian people and the U.S., along with its allies in the region.

How pleasing must it be for Saudi Arabia, which produced 16 of the 20 terrorists on 9/11, to take a public stand against the state of Israel, and now to attempt to mold Syria in its own image? A sharia-based Syria would threaten the country’s future for generations to come.

The Assad family has written a brutal and sinister chapter of Syrian history. But as Syria is about to shed this past, it is incumbent upon American-Syrian communities and all exiled Syrians to make sure that our native land does not flirt with Islamism as the words “Baath Party” drop from its vocabulary.

Furthermore, as the tenth anniversary of 9/11 approaches, let us never forget that Saudi Arabia, the supposed ally of the U.S., created the conditions and the manpower to cause that tragic massacre. If we let a few misguided and greedy U.S. officials in Washington have their way, Syria, Israel, and Iraq may well face far greater tragedies.