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Sanders: Walker Wants to Obliterate 'Last Line of Defense for Working People Against Corporate Greed'

“What they’re saying is, ‘OK Bernie, yeah, you are striking a nerve, you’ve got all these crazy nurses with you, you’ve got millions of people but here’s the real story, Bernie: You don’t have a super PAC. Where is your billionaire to buy the election for you? And what I have said to them is I ain’t going to have a super PAC. I don’t need billionaires,” he said.

Up to this point, Sanders said his campaign has more individuals contributing than any other in the race for the White House.

“You know what the average contribution is? The average contribution is $31,” he said. “We will be outspent but we will raise enough money to run a winning campaign because we are putting together a grassroots movement of millions of people.”

Bernie Sanders in ‘Little Beirut’