Sanders Stands by Second Amendment Votes: 'Overwhelming Majority' of Gun Owners Law-Abiding

“We have the highest rate, shamefully, of poverty of any major industrialized country on earth,” he said. “Over half of the children in America in public schools are so low income they are now on free or reduced lunch programs.”

Sanders recently introduced the “College for All Act,” which would eliminate tuition at America’s colleges and universities.

Sanders slammed GOP presidential candidate Jeb Bush and his super PAC for raising $114 million, arguing that the Supreme Court’s Citizens United decision should be overturned.

“This money is clearly coming from the wealthiest people in this country, which raises the profound issue of this disastrous Citizens United Supreme Court decision,” he said. “It is no accident that Jeb Bush and other Republican candidates who take huge amounts of money from the wealthy and the powerful come up with an agenda that represents the wealthy and the powerful.”