San Antonio Doctors Take On ObamaCare, Urge Patients to Vote Out Local Dems

From the above opening paragraph, the letter goes on to spell out seven ways in which ObamaCare is a mess that will hurt seniors, raise costs, and possibly lead to a state income tax in Texas. Texas is one of just nine states that presently do not have a state income tax. Imposing such a tax would be a nuclear grenade tossed into the HQ of whichever party happens to be in power at the time. And thanks to Republican dominance in the state, guess which party that is.

Thus, not only would the Democrats have imposed a terrible health care takeover on Texans against our will (the Lone Star State was pretty much locked out of the closed-door meetings in which the bill was crafted). It would have indirectly imposed a state income tax on us too, and in a way that would boomerang on the very Republicans who fought ObamaCare and have fought repeated Democratic schemes to foist an income tax on the state. Never ever let it be said that the Democrats of today care a whit about good governance. They don't. They care about increasing government power into every corner of American life. Period.

The doctors' letter goes on to predict that ObamaCare will lead to doctor shortages, an overwhelmed health care system, and increased federal spending. These are all points that have been made time and time again against ObamaCare, even before it was passed.

The letter concludes with a direct call to action to vote against three local Democratic congressmen: Ciro Rodriguez (TX-23 - remember him?), Henry Cuellar (TX-28) and Charlie Gonzalez (TX-20).  All three of them voted for ObamaCare; that's why the good doctors at HealthTexas feel compelled to call them out.