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Saber rattling with begging bowl and pretty waitresses firmly in hand requires talent.

The Democratic Peoples' Republic of Korea, while continuing to beg internationally to feed its starving but patriotic citizens, apparently continues to build nuclear facilities, to make massive cyber attacks on South Korea and to praise its own great economic strides in building a new steel factory, increasing  industrial capacity, building hydropower stations and otherwise "vigorously accelerating the struggle for the building of a great, powerful and prosperous socialist nation" -- while also promising that "The army and people of (North Korea) will never remain a passive onlooker to . . . provocative and aggressive nuclear war exercises" being staged by US and South Korean troops . . . but [will] resolutely frustrate them with the might of Songun (army-first) which has been built up in every way."

But wait: there's more. While allegedly ordering that North Koreans attempting to flee to China be shot on sight, the DPRK also trains some of her more attractive people to be waitresses at DPRK owned restaurants in Indonesia and elsewhere. The waitresses

are the star attraction, graduates from the three-year course at North Korea's catering and hospitality university and selected for their beauty, grace and singing skills.

Splendid in their billowing saekdongot dresses, they seem to hover as they glide between tables, effortlessly serving customers or serenading them from the stage or floor.

''It's a pretty exciting and desirable job for North Koreans,'' says Danielle Chubb, an expert in North Korean society from the Australian National University. ''It's one of the few opportunities they would get to travel abroad.

These astonishing feats of North Korean bipolar multidexterity under Dear Leader Kim trump President Obama's uncanny ability to "walk, chew gum and juggle at the same time,"  even if he manages it while golfing and vacationing.  Maybe the Dear Leader invented a secret food additive.