Rush Limbaugh Denied NFL Ownership: Five Takeaway Lessons

Rush Limbaugh, who is the single most popular political talk show host in America, was denied an opportunity to invest tens of millions of dollars in the massive failure that is the St. Louis Rams. There are a number of lessons that can be taken away from that debacle. They include the following:

1) Liberals are so obsessive about their politics that it perverts and warps every other human impulse in their life. It's why they try to turn every famous liberal funeral into a political rally, it's why they have no qualms about spreading lies about their political opponents, and it's even why so many liberals are atheists. There is simply no room for both God and liberalism in the life of many people on the left. To people like that, the idea that one of their political enemies should even be allowed to own part of a crummy football team is too much to endure.

2) The racist double standard is alive and well. How bizarre is it that parasitic human ticks like Jesse "Hymietown" Jackson and Al "Tawana Brawley" Sharpton are still treated like their opinions should matter on race? These guys are as bad as the KKK in their own way -- and at least everyone treats the Ku Klux Klan like a bad joke. Meanwhile, Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton are just as race-obsessed, but they're treated seriously and are making a comfortable living off of it.

Yet if Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, Jeremiah Wright, or any of the other race hustlers in America who like to exploit the issue for their own gain were to want to buy into the NFL, do you think it would be controversial? Welcome to Barack Obama's "post-racial" America, where racial con artists like Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton are respectable, but merely being a famous conservative makes you too much of a "racist" to own part of a football team.

3) In the eyes of the NFL, the worst thing you can apparently do is be a conservative. Rush Limbaugh is apparently too controversial for the NFL. Who isn't? Keith Olbermann (who virulently hates all things conservative), dog abuser Michael Vick, and serial woman beater Lawrence Phillips. Heck, if Rae Carruth got out of jail tomorrow for conspiring to kill his girlfriend, you can almost be certain that some NFL team would take a chance on him. But a conservative who's willing to drop tens of millions of dollars to invest in a lousy NFL team during a recession? No way! That's "too controversial."

4) The mainstream media puts ideology above facts when conservatives are involved. If you ever wanted proof -- well, even more proof -- that the mainstream media is biased against conservatives, all you need to do is look at the transparently phony collection of racist quotes that were passed around about Rush Limbaugh.