Run Jeb, Run!

Jeb’s big brother is back and recovering nicely.

George W. Bush is 2010’s “comeback kid.”

His book Decision Points has been perched at #1 on the New York Times and Amazon best seller lists for close to a month, and his popularity is on the rise.

According to a recent Gallup poll, our 43rd president had a higher job approval rating than President Obama, 47% vs. 46%.

The prevailing opinion is the longer President Obama is in office the more the job seems to overwhelm him -- and George W. Bush gains more respect.

Nevertheless, the Bush-haters will always be around to tarnish the Bush brand and Jeb can always use that as his excuse not to run.  However, in 2010 Jeb began to raise his own public profile. This is much easier now that Obama is faltering and Jeb´s brother is rebounding.

If this trend continues into 2011, Jeb Bush might even be convinced that 2012 is his year, especially if there is continued dissatisfaction with the current crop of candidates.

Jeb could unite the Republican Party.

The Tea Party movement and the “establishment” Republican Party must come together and agree on a compromise candidate if Obama is to be defeated in 2012. Nominating someone who polls show could not win over independent voters is like committing political suicide.

Enter Jeb Bush -- who has great respect among party leaders and conservative primary voters.

He could emerge as the uniter the party desperately needs for 2012.

Jeb especially endeared himself to conservatives with his May 2010 endorsement of Marco Rubio for the U.S. Senate seat Jeb himself turned down in early 2009.  By endorsing Rubio, Jeb bucked sitting Governor Charlie Crist, the establishment party choice and the man who succeeded Jeb in 2007. Fearing a loss to Rubio in the GOP primary, Crist left the party to run as an independent.

Jeb’s continued popularity in Florida helped boost Rubio, who at 39 years old is considered a national rising star. Jeb’s mentoring and early unofficial support of Rubio’s Senate campaign will reap Jeb much future good will with young party conservatives.

A recent MarketWatch column by Darrell Delamaid titled "Jeb Bush in ’12: Third time may be the charm" sums it up this way:

Jeb combines the intelligence of the father with the affability of the brother, while adding a political smoothness all his own.

With all that going for him, what are Republican voters waiting for?

What’s even more perfect is the 2012 Republican National Convention will be in Tampa, Florida.