Run, Hide, Fight?

It’s interesting to note that though the video was produced in Houston, where one presumes there are a good many people who legally carry concealed firearms, there was no mention of using a gun to fight off an armed maniac.  The video shows a group of office workers in a room that can’t be locked or barricaded, and at the sound of the approaching gunman they arm themselves with a chair, a coffee pot, and what have you, all of which they are about to launch at the entering gunman when the scene is cut.  Wouldn’t it be far preferable to bring a gun to the gunfight instead of a chair or a coffee pot?

In the sophisticated regions along both coasts, such a suggestion is often greeted with sneering derision.  “Do you want to see everyone armed with a gun?” they ask.

To which I would answer, no, I want to see some people armed with guns, the people who know how to use them when the maniac comes through the door with his.  Go to most any shooting range on a Saturday afternoon and among those practicing their skills you’ll find people every bit as qualified to resist an armed attack as the typical police officer, some much more so.

And as our elected representatives continue in their bipartisan delusion that some legislative prophylactic can avert this type of horror, reasonable people know better and will conduct their lives accordingly, some by carrying weapons of their own.

I’ve been through a number of training sessions in which my colleagues and I simulate responding to a mass shooting incident.  We’re taught to assemble into small “contact teams” and run to the sound of the gunfire, bypassing the wounded and panicked as we do so.  I pray that if such a scenario were to come to pass, we would react quickly and effectively to end the killing, but I know that some people would surely be dead by the time we arrived at the scene and deployed.

If I were to enter an office building under those circumstances and ask some fleeing worker where the gunman was, I would hope to hear an answer like this:

“He’s face down in the stairwell.  Williams from accounting shot him.”

You might have a chance with a chair or a coffee pot, but wouldn’t you rather have a Beretta or a Glock?