Romney's Electability Card Is a Joker to Perry's Four Aces

While campaigning in Arlington, Texas in May, Romney donned blue jeans and left his silk necktie in the closet. He moseyed on down to Rudy’s Barbeque for a stump speech, in which he gave glowing praise of Governor Perry:

I couldn’t possibly be here today without complimenting your great governor.  He’s doing one heck of a job.  The nation can learn a lot from a governor who says if you want to attract good jobs you gotta keep taxes down, you gotta keep bureaucracy down, you gotta get education to work for the kids – not just for the teachers union – and he is pursuing an agenda which is pro-growth, it’s pro-creating jobs in this state.

The rest of the country could learn a lot of lessons from Governor Rick Perry.  He’s a great governor.  I wish President Obama would have paid more attention to Governor Perry because the president has done exactly the opposite.

Well, it’s sad to say but I think many Massachusetts citizens probably wish now that Governor Romney himself had paid more attention to Governor Perry because much of what Romney did while governor of the Bay State uncannily resembles Obama-style, tax-and-spend, Big Brother government.