Romney's Electability Card Is a Joker to Perry's Four Aces

The Republican nominating contest is shaping up like a great poker game. The former governor of Massachusetts is facing off with the current governor of Texas. The odds-makers are number-crunching the hands. The voters are laying down bets. And the future of America is the stake.

Now, the word among the prestigious movers and shakers – both Republican and Democrat -- is that Mitt Romney is holding the all-powerful electability card firmly in his delicate, city-slicker hand. Romney is seen as more temperate in his speaking mode, more sophisticated perhaps, certainly more urbane. Romney has spent nearly all of his adult life in high-rolling circles, board rooms and the like. He could be the poster boy for country club Republicans and apparently, a great many insiders would love to call him their candidate.

Well, okay then. But that still leaves the fundamental question of whether America can be brought back from the precipice of history’s dustbin by Massachusetts-style, bureaucratic, Big Brother government or if it’s going to saddle up and have the courage to swallow a massive shot of Texan low-tax, low-spend, slim-down at the federal level to get us through to a brighter American morning.

Mitt Romney says now that Rick Perry’s governorship of Texas looks so great because he got “dealt 4 aces,” evidently not wanting to credit Perry for any of Texas’ uncommon economic prosperity. But that’s not how Romney characterized Perry’s governorship just four months ago...