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Romney Rumors: Romney Used "Cheat Sheet" During Debate

You can sort of see how the Obama fans would believe this.  How could the Smartest Man In The Room -- for any room -- the Lightbringer, the One, be bested intellectually by someone who merely has two Harvard graduate degrees and made a zillion dollars.  So it makes sense that Kos, for example, would conclude that Romney must have had help (just as they concluded Bush was getting radio control during the 2004 debate, when he more or less whupped John Kerry):

There is a scandal brewing that suggests that Mitt Romney used crib notes for the debate.  This is of course, C-H-E-A-T-I-N-G!, and would be awful if true.

I believe the candidates are only supposed to have a blank piece of paper (pad) and a pen at the podium, provided by the CPD.  No notes, this isn't "open book."

In a move that might remind many of Joe Niekro 's flying emery board Romney seems to have gotten caught taking notes from his pocket and later unfolding it on the podium.

Thanks to BuzzFeed, we now have conclusive proof that Romney had something at the podium: