Romney Is No Savior, and That's the Point

Stop puckering. I know he was about as perfect as the foolish boy-king. But that was the image presented and many people still believe it. If one is to take the left side of our politics, FDR is their once and future king, the one who will come back/be reincarnated to lead the nation to the great future of unbound statism where everything is planned and nothing wasted and people like them get to order the rest of us around for our own good. Obama knows this very well. Hence his evoking FDR in his DNC speech.

I understand this, to an extent. The other side -- bless their hearts -- has never really got very far away from their eugenics roots. What’s more, they believe human beings can be perfect. You know how if you lie down with dogs you wake up with fleas? Well, they lay down with the USSR and they got this idea of the perfect man that will come around when communism (small or large C, doesn’t matter) allows him to emerge. Cults! What is one to do?

The other side will have their Greek columns (turns out it was perhaps a harbinger of the direction they wanted us to go in, as they’ve saddled us with Greek-sized debt) and their pictures with halos and ...

That said, I have to ask -- why has our side caught the disease? No? Really? In blog after blog I hear people lamenting that Romney is not a thing like Reagan, that they don’t see anyone in the party who is like Reagan, that what we need is Reagan.

Are you out of your minds?

I will not diminish Reagan. Like many others of my generation, I am one of Reagan’s Children. What he accomplished, when he accomplished it, and how was nothing short of a miracle. He was the man we needed at the hour we needed it.

But don’t go fooling yourself. I was here for the ‘80 election. Back then many conservatives weren’t sure he was what we needed. Even when he was president, many conservatives weren’t sure of this. I remember P.J. O’Rourke -- a writer I otherwise admire -- calling him “his dumbness” in an essay.

All the same we got lucky with Reagan. He was just what we needed at that time. And I think he gave us the wrong idea that all we need is the right man in the presidency.