Romney: Christie 'Could Easily Become Our Nominee and Save Our Party'

Former Massachusetts governor and 2012 Republican candidate Mitt Romney said Sunday that the government shutdown was not a good idea on the part of the GOP, and he threw out a few names that could get the GOP nod in 2016.

"With regards to what's going on in Washington lately with the shutdown, if you will, to try and replace or defund Obamacare, look there's no question that every Republican that I know of wants to see Obamacare replaced, repealed and repaired," Romney said on NBC's Meet the Press.

"At the same time, the tactic of shutting down government is one which I thought was not a good tactic in the first place, I thought it would not be effective and it was not effective," he added. "You heard this morning, for instance, the campaign manager of Ken Cuccinelli said that when they were talking about the shutdown, they were having a hard time, but now they're talking about Obamacare and his campaign is doing better and better."

"The shutdown was not the right way to go in my view, but the right way to replace Obamacare is to elect Republicans to the Senate and the House and ultimately to the White House and repair Obamacare, replace it and put in place something that's going to do a better job for the American people and let them keep the insurance they were promised they could keep in the first place."

Romney brushed off assertions that he didn't work hard enough in his campaign, saying "we were all in, 110 percent, and we wanted to win very desperately."