Romney 3.0 not Getting the Warmest Welcome so Far

Hint, hint.

“Recycled.” Not the “new blood” the GOP needs. A man who “had his shot.”

A Republican backlash against Mitt Romney that had been simmering for days boiled over on Wednesday as conservatives across the GOP spectrum panned the prospect of another presidential bid by the former Massachusetts governor and two-time loser on the national stage.

Leading the anti-Romney charge was the voice of the GOP establishment wing, the Wall Street Journal editorial page. “The question the former Massachusetts Governor will have to answer,” the newspaper wrote, “is why he would be a better candidate than he was in 2012… The answer is not obvious.”

In a Wednesday evening interview with POLITICO, Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker, who’s considering a bid for the Republican presidential nomination, said that the reemergence of Romney could offset the Republicans’ advantage if their Democratic opponent is Hillary Clinton.

“I think the best way to counter something from the past is with something new,” Walker said.

I haven't determined if this is a relief yet. Yes, the Mittster is most definitely in need of a reality check. However, if he keeps sniffing around for the nomination it divides what I like to call the octogenarian GOP establishment harumph money between him and Jeb Bush. Add Chris Christie into the mix and it's a full-on family brawl for the addled elders of the party.

The Romney 2012 story has been rewritten with help from Barack Obama. The Idiot King has proven Romney to have been correct about many things during the campaign, which has led everyone to almost forget how awful he is at connecting with voters. With the campaign riding high after the president phoned in his performance during the first debate, Romney let Candy Crowley defeat him in the second one.

Those of us who didn't think Romney was the right guy in 2012 certainly don't want him to be the nominee in 2016.

We might just want him to hang around long enough to make Jeb Bush's life miserable, however.