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Healing the Rift between Blacks and Jews on Holocaust Day [VIDEO]

Daphna Ziman and Reverend Eric Lee came face-to-face Thursday at Ziman’s Beverly Hills home for a dramatic meeting of reconciliation orchestrated by Stand With Us, the Southern Christian Leadership Conference and the Anti-Defamation League.

Against the background of the Reverend Wright controversy, coverage by Pajamas Media, the Wall Street Journal and others, made a local Los Angeles story escalate into a national event. Ziman had accused Lee of making anti-Semitic statements at an event given by an African-American fraternity, commemorating the assassination of Martin Luther King. Ziman had been honored at the event for her philanthropic work.

Sensing an opportunity to bring the communities together for reconciliation, important African-American and Jewish leaders — Reverend Charles Steele, President of the SCLC in Atlanta, and Rabbi Marc Schneier of the Foundation for Ethnic Understanding in New York — flew to Los Angeles for the gathering at Ziman’s house.

After a private meeting between the parties of approximately two hours, the press was invited to join the participants in what could be best described as a combination press conference/Kumbaya. Pajamas Media has the exclusive video above.

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Roger L. Simon is an Academy Award nominated screenwriter, novelist, blogger and CEO of Pajamas Media.