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Blagojevich Acquitted on All but 19 Charges

Had Rod been vindicated on all charges and gone free he might have joined the ranks of Eliot Spitzer or Mike Tyson. Indeed, those two examples come from vastly different professional fields, but they share one trait in common. They fell from grace but arose again like a phoenix to entertain and inform us in the refurbishing eye of network television.

Think about it for a moment. Rod Blagojevich in jail is a sad figure, pacing a small cell in between meals and brief trips to the exercise yard. He sees no one but his family, his attorneys, and the occasional jailhouse cigarette vendor -- and even then, only through a reinforced plastic plate with a speaker phone. But what if Rod’s glorified presence could continue elucidating the masses?

Just as other fallen political figures before him have gone on to comment on current topics, Blago could have been the next paid analyst on MSNBC. Let’s face it… they hired Michael Steele. And who would be more entertaining? Every incident of political malfeasance to hit the news would have fallen directly into his wheelhouse. Each politician with the slightest hint of corruption could have felt the sting of his tongue.

For bonus points, the “Place for Politics” would have had to remove a current host to make room for Rod. Who would be the logical choice? None other than Ed Schultz.

Who among you would not like to see Ed Schultz replaced? I believe my point has been driven home.

Yes, America is much the poorer for this decision. Rod Blagojevich was, in some ways, an American icon, representing the best that a Chicago boy could aspire to. He was the culmination of a way of life which has existed for well over a century. And now, thanks to a heartless system of so-called justice, he will likely wind up spending the best years of his life at the Crowbar Motel when he could have been providing a scintillating lead-in to Rachel Maddow.

I hope you’re proud, Illinois. You’ve robbed us of our future.