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Rising Tide of Anti-Semitism Is Finally Pushing Jews to the Right

The hatred spewed by the exhibition’s supporters on the museum’s Facebook page proves that this exhibition was never about art.

At last, the official Jewish community, the epitome of caution and restraint, ever optimistic to the point of being foolish, was mobilized. Neither the activists nor the people who militated against the community’s frequent stupidity and inertia could have engendered this reaction, but the gaggle of Israel bashers and Jew haters caused the official community, finally, to take notice.

Meanwhile,  in New York's 9th congressional district, many Jewish voters finally confronted the Obama administration’s lengthy record  of attacking Israel. Former New York Mayor Ed Koch, a Democrat, asked Jewish voters to send President Obama a message, and with Robert Turner’s win, it is apparent that they did.

Only 64% of Jews who contributed to Obama’s 2008 campaign say they will contribute to his 2012 campaign.  And while conservatives quip that if Obama nuked Tel Aviv, he’d lose only 8% of the Jewish vote, it is clear that a pattern of demanding everything from Israel and nothing from the Palestinians has finally caused even some of the most die-hard Jewish Democrats to reject Obama.

In his first address to the UN General Assembly, Obama drew parallels between living conditions in Gaza and rocket attacks on Israel, causing one to wonder if he thought that living conditions in D.C.’s Northeast neighborhood would justify a Qassam rocket attack on Pennsylvania Avenue.  The diplomatic and rhetorical abuses of Israel by this administration are long in number and amply documented. Only those Jews who are true believers will refuse to acknowledge that the man who spent 20 years at the foot of the Rev. Jeremiah Wright and saw Rashid Khalidi as an objective voice on the Middle East is now executing Middle East policies consonant with those experiences.

Jews are not single issue voters. What is  pushing  many Jews over the edge into the arms of the Republicans is the worldwide growth of anti-Semitism as inspired by leftists and Islamic fundamentalists. That is why the “selection process” in the Istanbul airport, callously and purposely reminiscent of the Nazi concentration camp procedure, is going to make a lot of Jews for whom Israel is irrelevant rethink that point of view.

I have an acquaintance who mouths almost every tired cliché created by George Soros’ J-Street. She belongs to a synagogue where the J-Street message is embraced. She mouths these talking points with a smug pseudo-sophistication as if they were the product of an erudite belief system, but she is incapable of understanding in any detail much of what she says.  She never voted Republican.  And even if the Almighty himself were placed on the ballot with an “R” before his name, she wouldn’t vote for him.  She talks endlessly about Israel taking risks for peace, but would cringe with fear if she knew her grandchildren got on the Chicago L and went to the south side after dark.  She raged against the invasion of Gaza and lamented each Palestinian casualty.  I never once heard her show an ounce of compassion or concern for a Jewish victim of either a suicide attack or rocket launched from Gaza.  They were beyond her realm of concern or the ability to get status affirmation from her liberal friends.

Israelis call these American Jews “unJews.”  They will follow Obama like lemmings. They are more concerned with killing a fetus than saving the life of a living fellow Jew.  They smugly refer to Evangelical Christians as “American Hezbollah.”  They think Islamophobia is a greater problem than anti-Semitism.  They are attentive to politics, but only to what reaffirms their liberal belief system.  But one day their grandchildren might fly into an airport someplace in the Muslim world, be separated from everyone else, stripped naked, held incommunicado, and treated, as in Istanbul, like they don’t exist.

The Muslims and the virulent anti-Semites never cease to give me hope.