Rick Perry's Stem Cell Opportunity *Updated*

Editor's Note: An earlier version of this story mistakenly claimed that Perry traveled outside of the country for his treatment. PJMedia regrets the error.

I am one of a growing number of Americans who find themselves increasingly frustrated with the low-tech surgical options available in this country for certain chronic medical conditions. To achieve an improved quality of life I'm willing to try experimental stem cell treatments. I'm in high-profile company: in early July Texas' governor and presidential candidate Rick Perry underwent spinal fusion surgery. The procedure included an injection of his own, adult (autologous) stem cells.

Unfortunately for his fellow Americans whose lives would be greatly improved by access to sophisticated stem cell therapy, the mainstream media is treating Perry as it does every other American who bravely goes in search of adult stem cell treatment whether it takes place on US soil (as Perry's did) or abroad: not like a pioneer, but a "medical tourist." As we've seen before, the MSM botches all discussions of this important topic, grossly slacking in its duty to report medical advances fairly and accurately, wherever and however they occur.

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And so, recent weeks have seen a flurry of news stories frowning on Perry's decision: "Doctors Question Perry's stem cell back treatment" (AP) ... "Doctors Wary of Perry's Stem Cell Treatment" (The Boston Globe)... "Texas Gov. Rick Perry's Stem Cell Surgery Worries Some..." (L.A. Times)... "Texas Gov. Rick Perry Received Experimental Stem Cell Treatment" (ABC News) ... "Rick Perry's Stem Cell Treatment Causes Medical, Legal Concerns" (Xinhua) ... "Rick Perry's Stem Cell Surgery Could Lead to Quackery" (International Business Times).

As is usually the case with any MSM discussion of stem cell regeneration therapy -- especially high-profile cases like Perry's -- the tone of these articles is one of high anxiety and disapproval. Never mind that adult stem cells have been used successfully in countries other than the United States to improve the lives of people with multiple sclerosis and other debilitating diseases. The MSM may be counted on to ridicule and tsk-tsk stem cell success stories, dismissing them as "experimental" and "controversial" (read: dangerous) or outright "quackery."

MSM news outlets don't bother to be fair or balanced. They cannot bring themselves to admit that in the past five years more than 50,000 scientific studies on stem cells were published and posted in the National Institutes of Health medical library, according to America's leading adult stem cell scientist, Dr. Christian Drapeau, MSc, author of Cracking the Stem Cell Code and Stem Cell Theory of Renewal. They don't bother to float the suggestion that maybe, just maybe, stem cell regeneration therapy is not quackery at all.