Revolutionary Spirit?

As the fighting continues in Libya, and while most are still flabbergasted at the lack of leadership (and consistency) displayed by President Obama and the entire administration, as well as NATO, the question of the willingness of the Libyan rebels is now in play.

In an article by the Guardian, one of the rebels was quoted regarding their "needs":

"We need what Gaddafi has," said Ghanem Barsi at a rebel checkpoint. Like many revolutionaries, he blamed their difficulties on weaponry rather than training and tactics. "We need Grads [rockets] like Gaddafi has. We need tanks like Gaddafi has. We need weapons that can kill his rockets and tanks."

Is this the Revolutionary Spirit that has taken the hearts and minds of the Libyan people?  We need more tanks and rockets to fight?  Won't someone give us what we need?

This is not revolutionary spirit, this is the weak-minded acquiescence to failure that will keep the Libyans enslaved and oppressed for the next 100+ years.  Thank goodness the American Revolutionaries - who were far out manned, and certainly out gunned! - had the right Spirit.  That Spirit includes the willingness to fight, to believe in something bigger than themselves, to understand their cause was just, that there are natural laws that are derived from God, and that Freedom and Liberty (like Patrick Henry taught us) are worth dying for.

Until the Libyan people understand this, all the tanks and guns in the world won't help them be free.