Reuters: 'Republicans Move To Avoid Government Shutdown' Me: 'Why?'

Looking for a downside...

Congressional Republicans announced a plan on Monday to avoid a government shutdown later this month, seeking to calm the waters after months of budget fights that ended in a failure last week to halt damaging spending cuts.

Just three days into the $85 billion of automatic "sequester" cuts, Republicans in the House of Representatives turned their attention to the next fiscal deadline: the March 27 expiration of funding for government agencies and programs.

Some of us joke about enjoying the prospect of a government shutdown and maybe we don't really want the "Will return at..." sign posted but all any of the panicky, temporary measures do is give them more time to not work on a real, adult budget. The GOP is in a unique position here-leadership didn't blink for once and The Idiot King's two week shock and awe campaign of horror stories have thus far been exposed for the sham that they were. They could press that advantage for a day or two and point out that it might be time for Harry Reid to earn some of that salary that's never threatened by any of this perma-crises.