Retract the Graham Gay Smear

A xenophobic, anti-immigration group has come up with a way to draw attention to themselves while brutally injuring a political foe.

William Gheen of the Americans for Legal Immigration PAC (ALIPAC)  has called on Senator Lindsey Graham (R-SC) to "come out of the closet" and admit he's gay:

News of ALIPAC's request for Senator Lindsey Graham to come out of the closet, so his constituents will be on even footing with corrupt special interests in Washington regarding his secret lifestyle, is being reported nationally and William Gheen will appear on the Thom Hartmann and Lou Dobbs radio shows today.


William Gheen called on Senator Lindsey Graham to be honest with American voters about his homosexual lifestyle to assure that Graham's desire to keep it a secret could no longer be potentially used by political insiders to manipulate Graham's behavior. There are many precedents in American politics where affairs, corruption, addictions, and other situations that politicians wanted concealed were used to manipulate them with unfair advantage.

Two words: prove it.

What bona fides does Gheen carry that would make him an expert in this matter?

William Gheen has worked for multiple gay candidates before as a campaign consultant for the North Carolina Democratic Party in the 90s. He is also experienced with political corruption issues in the Carolinas as a campaign consultant with over 44 campaigns of experience and five years as the President of Americans for Legal Immigration PAC, which has been dealing with elite corruption issues designed to deprive Americans of constitutional governance and national sovereignty.

Ooooh -- he "worked for multiple gay candidates." Well, that settles it. I bow to Mr. Gheen's superior judgment.

Except for one thing. While there has been speculation for years, no one has ever come forward to say they have proof that Graham is a homosexual. Graham denies it. And unlike other gay Republicans who are still in the closet who have been exposed by the professional "outers" in the Democratic Party, Graham has not been fingered.

Those "outers" include perhaps the most despicable character in American politics today. Mike Rogers of BlogActive said today on the Ed Schultz Show that he has "no evidence" that Graham is gay. What's significant about this is that Rogers' standards of "evidence" would make Joe Stalin's show trials look like a model of fairness and impartiality by comparison. If Mike Rogers won't say that Graham is gay, the fact that Gheen would give credence to the rumor is outrageous.

And that's all it is -- a rumor. Graham is an unmarried male in his 50s and for some troglodytes on the right, that's enough "evidence" to smear the senator with a charge that they are well aware would do him great harm in conservative South Carolina. Certainly one can oppose Graham based on his positions and policies. In the past few months, several county Republican organizations have censured Graham for that reason.