Reporter Asks State Dept for One Accomplishment from Hillary Clinton's Big Review Process. Let's See What Happens.

When she was secretary of state, Hillary Clinton instituted a Quadrennial Diplomacy and Development Review. The first one was completed in December 2010.

Nearly four years later, AP reporter Matt Lee asked State Department Jen Psaki to name one thing that Clinton's QDDR accomplished. Just one.

She can't.

LEE: "Off the top of your head, can you name one tangible achievement that the last QDDR resulted in?"

PSAKI: "Well Matt, obviously it's in an extensive, expansive process."

LEE: "So no."

PSAKI: "We're looking at how it was done last time."

LEE: "Just one."

PSAKI: "I know, I'm making an important point here."

LEE: "OK."

PSAKI: "The secretary wants it to be focused on a more narrow range of issues. It's always looking at how we can improve things and we'll see where we come out at the end."

LEE: "So off the top of your head can you identify one tangible achievement that resulted from the last QDDR?"

PSAKI: "I am certain that those who were here at the time, who worked hard on that effort --"

LEE: "One --"


PSAKI: "Could point out one."

LEE: "Since you've come on board that you've noticed that you can point back to and say wow, the first QDDR identified this as a problem and dealt with it?"

PSAKI: "Well as you know, I've only been here since it concluded."


PSAKI: "So I'm sure there were a range of things that were put into place that I'm not even sure were a result."

LEE: "I won't hold my breath."


Psaki has been at the State Department since February 2013. She's part of the revolving door from lobbying and campaigns to government -- Psaki came to State from the 2012 Obama campaign, a perch from which she attacked Mitt Romney's foreign policy chops.

Romney turns out to have been right when he called Russia America's number one geostrategic foe, while Psaki's boss, Obama, has been proved wrong.

Unfortunately, to most Democrat voters, accomplishments don't matter and they will support Hillary in 2016 anyway.