Report: 50 Spies Accuse Obama Admin. of Cooking ISIS Intel

On May 15, the same day that the Islamic State overran the government center in Ramadi, the Department of Defense published a news article claiming that the strategy to defeat the Islamic State was working.

As Bill Roggio noted in The Long War Journal, "the report provides a pollyannaish view from Brigadier General Thomas D. Weidley of the US military’s air campaign and the Iraqi military’s fight against the Islamic State."

Weidley described Ramadi as “contested” and claimed that Iraqi forces repelled most attacks in the city when in reality the Islamic State took control of the government center and most neighborhoods in Ramadi by May 15. By May 17, the Islamic State was in full control of Ramadi and overran the Anbar Operations Command and 8th Brigade Headquarters at Camp Ar Ramadi. Iraqi forces are said to be in complete disarray in the Fallujah-Ramadi corridor.

Weidley’s description of the situation in Baiji was just as overly optimistic. He claimed that while the Islamic State breached the perimeter and has had “episodic control of some refinery facilities to continue attacking Iraqi security forces,” Iraqi forces are regaining the initiative inside and outside of the refinery. In reality, the Islamic State controls upwards of 80 percent of the refinery and has besieged an Iraqi force holed up there. The Islamic State is in full control of the city of Baiji and the surrounding areas, the the Iraqi military is unable or unwilling to send reinforcements.

A couple of weeks ago, Lt. Col. Ralph Peters (Ret.) contended that the pressure to manipulate the intel on ISIS was coming from the White House, noting that the president views the intelligence community primarily as "a tool of domestic politics."

"You’ve seen them lie about Benghazi. Last year they fired LTG. Mike Flynn, the head of DIA, because he wouldn’t cook the books. They’ve lied about Iran, they’ve lied about Islamic State,” Peters noted during a Fox News appearance. He added that "it is corrupting. It is very, very dangerous, it cripples our ability to deal with our enemies — but this administration is simply shameless.”