Rep. Gutierrez Blasts Senator Kirk for Suggesting Criminal Background Checks on Illegals

Gutierrez reacted to Kirk’s statement with even sharper criticism, saying Kirk “should be ashamed of himself.”

“Rather than exploiting and demonizing children to score political points, how about the senator works with the president to solve a national problem?” Gutierrez asked.

The House lawmaker pointed out that Kirk on Thursday also called for a crackdown on human rights abusers in Iran and in March spoke out against human traffickers, including child-sex traffickers.

Gutierrez accused Kirk of pulling a “stunt” by questioning whether the children were a threat.

“Among the children are little girls who are fleeing those who would abuse their bodies,” Gutierrez said. “Sen. Kirk, open your heart.”

With the greatest of secrecy, the government is shipping these illegal kids all over the country, and then releasing them into the custody of a family member or "sponsor" -- whoever that is. DHS revealed that the "same family members or sponsors are appearing several times to claim different children from the custody of U.S. authorities."

And Kirk should be ashamed to be asking for criminal background checks on these kids?

Once again, the Obama administration is shoving something unpalatable down the throats of the American people. And they are doing it in secret without informing citizens of potential health risks, while not even taking the basic precaution of running criminal background checks on children who already may be involved in a life of crime.

Perhaps Congress can include funding for background checks in the president's $3.7 billion request to deal with the crisis at the border. Somebody has got to do something to protect the citizens from the consequences of this invasion.