Rep. Cummings' Gunwalker Report Neglects To Mention ... Gunwalker


The phrase used repeatedly in the report to describe semi-automatic (one shot per trigger pull) firearms is “military-grade.” It is a phrase that has no read-world meaning, yet is used by the committee report nine times in 28 pages.

“Military-grade” is made-up; marketing-speak. It is meant to convey that something is tough enough for military use. Literally anything can and is deemed “military-grade” without actually having a military function, like iPhone cases or water guns.

(Seriously, click those links.)

The “90 Percent Lie.” Again.

Readers who have been following the Gunwalker scandal know that Obama administration officials employ the “90 percent lie,” an oft-repeated claim that implies 90 percent of the firearms used in cartel violence come from the United States. It is a demonstrable fabrication based upon misrepresenting gun tracing statistics.

A recent (Democrat-issued) report has revised the 90 percent lie down to a 70 percent lie, but the dishonest technique remains the same, and the figure is still far from the truth.

Of any stockpile of cartel weapons confiscated by Mexican authorities -- let’s say 100 weapons -- the Obama administration’s 90 percent lie would have you believe that 90 of them came form U.S. gun shops. In reality: of any 100 guns recovered by Mexican authorities, only 20 had any markings on them suggesting they were made in or imported through the United States. The other 80 guns come from the overseas black market, Central and South American regimes with poor munitions control, and corrupt officials within the Mexican government itself.

The 20 guns that looked like they were probably from the U.S.? They get turned over to the ATF for tracing. Of those 20, the ATF is able to confirm 18 of them were indeed from the United States.

That’s 18 out of 100, not 18 out of 20.

Further, of the 18 guns successfully traced, just under 8 actually came from gun shops, and the average age of each weapon was ten years old.

“Outgunned: Law Enforcement Agents Warn Congress They Lack Adequate Tools to Counter Illegal Firearms Trafficking” is a purely political document created to advance a dishonest gun control agenda, even in the face of 152+ deaths caused by this same sort of duplicity.

Rep. Elijah Cummings should be ashamed to have issued this report, and he should be pressed to answer for it.