Reforming Our Universities Chronicles the Battle for Freedom from Leftist Conformity

The array of organizations that did battle with Mr. Horowitz (usually in vicious, demeaning, and Der Sturmer-like terms) reads like the who’s who of American university life. This is not unimportant. As a 30-year member of the Biblical Archeology Society, I have long understood the radical leftism (and often anti-Israeli nature) of the American Historical Association. Thanks to Mr. Horowitz, anyone reading their contribution to the debate the “Academic Bill of Rights” engendered will be more quickly educated.

In time it becomes amazing who rose up against a perfectly sane, logical, and reasonable attempt to establish the most gentle guidelines designed to minimally protect the diversity of opinion on our campuses: the ACLU, the AAUP, the ACE, the AFT -- almost as many alphabet agencies as the New Deal.

Richly footnoted and fully indexed, Reforming Our Universities still manages to read much like an adventure story.  It is well worth the candle.