Reeling Wendy Davis Grasps for Guns, Tells AP that Her Origins Story Is Now Off-Limits

Speaking of making things up, the questions about her origins story aren't going away.

In an interview with The Associated Press, the Democratic state senator from Fort Worth also reiterated her refusal to discuss the volatile end to her second marriage to Jeff Davis, which led to allegations of infidelity and a temporary restraining order against her.

"What I committed to my daughters when I started this journey was that I would not revisit a very difficult time in our life which was that period," Davis said. "I am not going to revisit that for the purposes of this campaign, not today, not in the future of the campaign. I would just remind you that there are always two sides to every story in a divorce."

Another nice try, but Davis has made her story a focal point of her campaign. Now that it's inconvenient, that story is under the bus along with [finish this sentence as you see fit].

Davis tries her hand on tax policy. Texas has no state income tax. Therefore the following is not what anyone should regard as a courageous stand.

Democrats often blame the state's reliance on volatile and unequal property taxes for the poor performance of Texas students, and some party leaders have called for a state income tax instead. Davis said she, along with all Republican candidates, would oppose such a solution.

"I absolutely believe that if we look at these decades-old corporate tax loopholes we are going to find that there are some that really don't make sense for us anymore," Davis said, promising to find funding without damaging economic growth.

So, let's cut off those undefined "corporate tax loopholes," but it won't hurt the strong Texas economy, pinky-swears! That's coming from someone who still supports Obamacare, complete with "if you like your healthcare, you can keep your healthcare." Obamacare itself is hurting the economy. Wendy Davis supports it.

Davis' campaign is still imploding. She accomplished one thing in her AP interview, though: She has placed her origins story off-limits. To the media, and to her. If she brings it up again, along will come questions about the restraining order, the infidelity, how her education was paid for, the children, all of it.