Reeling Wendy Davis Grasps for Guns, Tells AP that Her Origins Story Is Now Off-Limits

When she was on the Fort Worth City Council, Wendy Davis tried to kick gun shows off of municipal property. She tried this in Fort Worth, Texas, "where the West begins," and failed. Fort Worth is not Austin, and Texas is not like the liberal enclaves where Davis tends to raise her campaign funds, as she is learning this week.

Revelations that her origins story has some holes in it has sent Davis' campaign for governor into a full-blown crisis. What's a candidate to do?

Change the subject, of course. So tonight, the AP reports that Davis is out suggesting that if she becomes the first Democrat elected governor of Texas in a generation, she would expand where Texans could concealed carry our firearms.

Gubernatorial candidate Wendy Davis promised Tuesday to veto a state income tax to pay for public schools and expand where people may carry handguns, while her campaign attempted to move past allegations she misled people while telling her life story.

In an interview with The Associated Press, the Democratic state senator from Fort Worth also reiterated her refusal to discuss the volatile end to her second marriage to Jeff Davis, which led to allegations of infidelity and a temporary restraining order against her.

The gun move is a nice try, but Davis should have gone big and come out for open carry. That would have attracted some attention. Hinting that she'll do something that her record suggests is just a feint won't get her very far.

While Democrats elsewhere have called for tighter gun laws, Davis said she owns a handgun for protection, plans to obtain a concealed handgun license and supports legislation that allows workers to keep guns in their vehicles at work.

"I think I have been pretty strong in supporting the expansion of the rights of gun ownership," she said.

Nope, sorry, but she hasn't. She wants more background checks for private gun sellers, and tried to boot gun shows off of city property in Fort Worth. That is her real record, not the one that she is now making up.