Redistricting Watch: Democrats Lose, Latinos Win

Republicans? Correct. The best scenario for the GOP is to concentrate Latinos into one or two majority-Latino districts that are as much as 70 percent Latino. That all but ensures that Latino Democrats will represent those districts. And packing Latino Democrats into one district leaves the handful of districts that surround that district mostly white and Republican.

Under that scenario, Latinos get what they want (majority-Latino districts where they can elect their own) and Republicans get what they want (more overall districts that stay in the “red” column). Those are strange bedfellows.

So who loses? Answer: White Democrats. So they’ll fight -- first in the legislature, and eventually in court. That’s just what they did in 1990 and 2000, when this same dynamic played out. And in doing so, they’ll go head-to-head with the same Latino community that they claim to champion.

The result: clarity.