Rebuilding the GOP — One Internet User at a Time

Rebuild the Party started with a handful of Republican activists with a vision, and today, we're making a real, measurable impact on the future of the Republican Party.

The initial goal of Rebuild the Party was to provide guidelines for rebooting the Republican National Committee through a greater commitment to new media and technology, and to encourage each candidate for RNC chairman to endorse the plan. Within days of its launch, hundreds, then thousands, of Americans signed up to endorse the plan and join the effort to rebuild our party.

To date, five out of six candidates for RNC chairman have endorsed the plan, and over 10,000 people are involved in supporting the plan's goals -- by participating on the Rebuild the Party Action Network, Twitter, and Facebook. Members from a few states have even initiated Rebuild the Party meetings (offline) in their communities to collaborate on specific steps for electing new, inspiring Republican candidates.

By launching two days after the election, before the race for RNC chairman took shape, quickly became one of the key groups defining the race.  Media coverage by the Washington Post, CNN, Fox News, Politico, the Atlantic, the Daily Beast, and dozens of blogs appeared with a minimal "press" rollout, demonstrating that a truly buzz-worthy effort will near effortlessly gain attention.

Apparent from day one after the November election was the hunger by grassroots activists for new technology and innovative strategies, a fresh crop of candidates, and a more open grassroots approach by the next RNC chairman. The Rebuild plan reinforced this hunger, engaging fiery grassroots activists on the site and activating them towards a tangible event: the RNC chairman's election.

We intended to jumpstart the conversation about what the party must do from a tactical standpoint to rebuild. We did not intend to provide an all-encompassing manifesto that will guarantee a renewed Republican majority.

Our philosophy: rather than sit around and meet behind closed doors or wait for the perfect plan, let's get started right away making changes within the party infrastructure.