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Reasoning 'Kenyan Born'

Political correctness is the subversive tool of the enemy -- that is already in the field.

It is reasonable to wonder why Obama’s bio would say such a thing. I am an author. Book agents always submit pitches and bios to me for approval before they are distributed. If my bio were to state that I was born in another country such as France, I would most certainly correct the bio to state that I was born in America. Thus, it is reasonable to question why a Harvard-educated man, who was and is meticulous in detail regarding his persona, would allow his bio to say he was “born in Kenya.”

It is reasonable to question such a document, but where is reason?

The bio stating Obama was “born in Kenya” can be one of the following:

a)     Correct

b)     Fabricated by Obama to create a mystique about himself

c)      Simply a typo

Reason sounds an alarm about President Obama on all three accounts:

a)     If it is correct, then our president is unconstitutionally elected.

Could it be that no one really wants to deal with this because it would be too difficult? If we become a nation that allows the precedent of breaking such a fundamental constitutional law, then our republic is surely doomed.

b)     If it was fabricated, then we have a president who is elusive and dishonest.

Could it be that no one wants to deal with the fact our president fabricated his image with a lie; that he is mercurial? If “we the people” are too politically correct to investigate and highlight such traits, then our republic is surely doomed.

c)      If it was simply a typo, then we have a president who is merely a front man.

Could it be that Obama is not willing to pay heed to the details of governing his own life? Then how can he pay heed to governing our country’s details? Could it be that Obama is just a front man who really has no desire to govern or deal with the “details” that a republic so desperately needs such as budgets and constitutional laws?

It is reasonable to question a bio of Obama that stated he was "born in Kenya.” It is unreasonable to not question it. The left is berating people who dare to consider the mystery of the bio, and the right is ignoring the implications of it in the name of political correctness or perhaps because it would just be too messy to unravel the truth.

There is that word, once again. Truth. Since when did truth become such a bother?  Since when did reason become such an antiquated, unnecessary human attribute? Since the beginning of the end of republicanism.