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Read the Radical Resume of Tom Perez, Possible Hillary VP Pick

Perez is a utopian. I’ve sat in rooms with him listening to his progressive vision of a future free from everything he dislikes. He is a true believer that the government can force the transformation of a culture and a society for good.

He isn’t enough of a student of history to know where those ideals lead.

While teaching, he managed to find employment as a “Health Care and Civil Rights Consultant,” where he provided “technical assistance” on a range of civil rights matters, such as “expanding diversity in the health professions.” He authored numerous academic articles during the period, dealing with such topics as “eliminating” racial disparities in health, and assessing affirmative action standards in medical school admissions.

All the while, he kept himself directly involved in identity politics. He proudly became the "highest ranking Latino elected official in Maryland" when he was elected council president of Montgomery County.

On immigration, not a lot is discernible from his DOL resume. Notably, Perez completely leaves off his many years as a board member and president of the Soros-funded open-borders pusher, Casa de Maryland. What does appear is his two years as “immigration advisor” and special counsel to the late Ted Kennedy, the chief architect of the disastrous immigration system we have today.

Not only was Sen. Kennedy instrumental in pushing through the 1965 legislation that birthed our current mass immigration system, he also sponsored the Immigration Act of 1990. The Act ramped up our immigration numbers considerably and created such programs as the H-1B visa, one of the biggest corporate subsidies of all time.

While Perez has been in his current role as Labor secretary, the H-1Bs have blown up in the media. Several bipartisan bills have been introduced promising to completely revamp it -- and numerous investigative inquires have focused on its potential abuse (including one directed to DOL, which Perez rejected).

IRLI also obtained correspondence between Perez and immigration lobbyists. This correspondence included numerous emails revealing his apparently close relationship with the chief immigration lobbyist for the Chamber of Commerce.

He’s also apparently chummy with execs from Microsoft, the biggest open-borders lobbyist of them all. In one email, Perez thanks Microsoft’s corporate vice president for a dinner they had the night before, telling him: "Thx again for your leadership on immigration and so many issues of great importance," and “[y]ou are always welcome at Dept of Labor.”

Above all, Perez is a slick, smiling leftist. He is skilled at tricking those ideologically opposed to his radicalism into thinking that he has open ears and an open mind. In the end, he is sizing up his opponents.  The folks at Microsoft and the Chamber will unfortunately learn this lesson in time.

Beating Hillary may be even more important than you think.