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Rand Paul's Education in Media Bias Earned the Hard Way

Initially, Maddow pretended to value Paul’s presence and thanked him for announcing his candidacy on her show the year before. Yet then she preceded to spew a series of questions that can be easily summed up in five words: “Why are you a racist?”

The plastique hullaballoo originally arose from a discussion Paul had with the Louisville Courier-Journal’s editorial board. There the candidate revealed a libertarian worldview that many of us share but that no lamestream media member has any interest in processing or appreciating.

Maddow hijacked him and admitted: “I know this must feel like frying pan and into the fire.” Paul repeated that he did not believe in segregation, racism, “discrimination in any form,” or anything else that Maddow was trying to frame him with.

Specifically, Paul’s position was that while he believed in civil rights and abhorred segregation, he was uneasy with the end result.

Largely thanks to civil rights legislation (that absolutely had to be passed) the federal government can now stick its rhinocarian horns into the affairs of private businesses whenever the fancy strikes a bored or porn addicted bureaucrat.

Obviously, federal intervention was necessary and effective in regards to the south. It is unfortunate though that leftists continue to use that unusual example to forever de-legitimize the concept of federalism.

Local rule, as a rule, is best. This is something that is lost in the present day as the Democrats seek to shift all power and authority to their Washington, D.C., federocracy.

Ultimately, centralization spells death for individual liberty. That is the essence of what Rand Paul believes and sought to explain.

Much is made by pseudo-liberals of their nuanced minds, but Maddow morphed a sophisticated constitutional objection into lowbrow farce.

Paul’s failure to convince her was entirely predictable as you cannot “shake hands with a clenched fist.” Self-righteous ideologues high on emotion are not good candidates for an education.

Of course there was nothing inflammatory about what Paul said or even thought. He’s no Senator Bilbo, but the same cannot be said of those Democrats who want to doom large subsections of America to a life spent on the dole.

Some of Maddow’s leftist conspecifics were aware that Paul was no strawman so they downgraded his utterances to the misdemeanor charge of “extremist” or racial echoer, while Newsweek hoped the affair would serve as proof that all members of the tea parties were racist.