Rachel Maddow, some CAP hack, blame distrust of government on...The A-Team

Pity these fools: They don't seem to be kidding. Maddow goes on at length about how much she loooved that show, and then the Center for American Progress (Soros minions) guy, David Sirota, builds a political thesis that goes well beyond predicting paaaain.

Or, shorter me: Look, two idiots!

Where to go with this?  Well, first, distrust of government had put a president in the White House before The A-Team was a glimmer on the small screen. America elected Ronald Reagan in 1980, largely on a platform that included both restoring American freedom and prestige and reducing the overall power of the US government. One of Reagan's more famous lines was the one about how terrifying it was to hear the words "I'm from the government and I'm here to help." Another was how the best minds aren't in government, because if they were business would hire them away. Yet another was that people don't start wars, governments do. The Reagan anti-government ideas were extensive and extensively known when the American people elected him. They're part of why he won. The A-Team started running in 1983, well into Reagan's first term. So, ya know, oops.

And, just to counter Maddow, as a kid I never liked The A-Team. Hardly ever watched it. But I'm as skeptical of government as anyone and have been my entire life. I'm one of those people who have never ever been a liberal. If The A-Team is the fountainhead of government skepticism, how do you explain that?