The Modern-Day Race Hustlers

At some point in the long process of recovering from the horrible institution of slavery, a movement began just prior to the counterculture rebellion of the 1960s. It was Martin Luther King, Jr.'s philosophy, in which a man’s character would take precedence over the color of his skin. The movement was powerful but fleeting. Unfortunately, it would turn into something King would never have recognized. The modern-day race hustlers would eventually replace the character-based philosophy of King with the ideology of the counterculture.

The ideology of the counterculture contained a sophomoric arrogance where young people believed they were smarter than their elders. They also believed that all of the tradition that preceded them was irrelevant. The line between real moral failings and the wisdom of Christian morality became blurred. They saw a greedy, oppressive, immoral establishment, which they desired to tear down. And tear it down they did.

One problem was that the left had nothing to replace it with. The white patriarch was bad and his Christian nation was faulty, but they had no workable alternative. All they had was their own subjective wisdom. And the same holds true for their modern-day progeny (and geriatric counterculture holdovers). All they have is their own “smart" policy, as Hillary would say.

A great danger of the left is its use of government to implement policy. Race relations in the U.S. were not allowed to develop naturally. Government was employed to create affirmative action to instantly make things right. Hence, the country experienced school busing and other policy disasters.

When government got too heavily involved in the business of creating racial equality, race relations became politicized. Unfortunately, blacks, in many instances, were invited to become perpetual victims.

Democratic politicians and the race hustlers have inflicted upon the black community unspeakable indignities. Many blacks were knocked off course and into a morally barren wilderness. Some of the most enduring values of the black community were stolen within a couple generations. On the new Democratic vote-producing plantations, dignity, morality, responsibility, and a work ethic were replaced with government checks.

The formerly strong, intact, two parent family unit, in many instances, would become dispensable. (The widespread destruction as a result of liberal policies is not, of course, limited to the black community.) Sadly, the left did not build upon the ideals of Dr. King, by which all men would have been lifted up and from which families and communities would have been strengthened.