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Race and Islamic Radicalization in the USA

Ron Williams has this dense and informative piece  at Homeland Security Today talking about the radicalization of Islamic pockets in the United State and the interaction of race.

Despite all this, the reality is this: Law enforcement will never (nor should it ever be an option) to allow sensitivity concerns to trump domestic security priorities or influence its operation and the racial/ethnic minority consciousness will never accept a government structure or its actions it perceives as targeting them disproportionately; thus, tensions will inevitably and slowly build uninterrupted, coming to characterize the new American domestic security order. . . .

In sum, combating American Islamic radicalization is an extremely challenging, long-lasting and culture-changing effort based around racial/ethnic relationships for which the human capacity for its denial is astounding. Indeed, national security policymakers will offer up, and the American public consciousness will accept as effective, one-dimensional counter-radicalization measures which will, ironically, exacerbate the radicalization of its own native born Muslim-American population.