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R.I.P., Musya Zilberman

I know exactly what the communists sent away, that is not difficult. I lived alongside her so I know what they wasted. But I’ll never get comfortable with a sense of the creature that would chase her away.

They had her!

G-d gave Musya to Ukraine, she was theirs! And the bastards made her leave?

They were utopians, and they actually expected utopia could arise, that things would be perfect without her!

Don’t think that isn’t evil.

If you are lucky enough to have a light -- I got to have her as a mother figure, for goodness’ sake -- you know that the closest we can get to heaven on this side of death comes from being in her vicinity ... the stupidity that expected good to come from her absence? Do not get comfortable with that. We get tyranny -- we know what they did and why, but your life will be darker if the thoughts behind chasing Musya away ever seem famiiar.

Judge the Soviets by how they treated their angels. Their loss was immeasurable, as was our gain.

Rest in peace, Mrs. Zilberman, we’ll never think of you as anything but alive.

(If you would, please familiarize yourself with the disease that took Musya, Progressive Supranuclear Palsy. Here is her obituary, please also note the donation suggestions.)