Question and Answer Podcast

Today Glenn and I talk and answer our readers and listeners questions about politics, personal matters, blogging, the a href=""online disinhibition effect /a (i.e. why people feel free to rip into emyou/em on the internet) and more. How did Glenn and I meet? Did blogger Ann Althouse encounter disinhibition effect from another blogger or was it just plain old passive-aggressive behavior? Why am I interested in men's issues? What kind of vanity plate does Glenn want for his car? Intrigued or just disgusted by these questions? Either way, join us for the /br /You can listen to the podcast directly a href=""here/a or for dial-up users, you can listen a href=""here./a Stream it from your browser -- no downloading needed -- a href=""here./a You can listen to our a href=""previous podcasts here/ /br /This podcast was sponsored by Volvo at a href=""