Putin's Stupidity Leading the Russian Economy to Disaster

Here’s a stock tip for those who’d like to get in on the ground floor of the bountiful opportunities being provided by Russian dictator Vladimir Putin to American investors:  Short International Paper, and go long on SpaceX.

You can profit mightily by selling International Paper stock you don’t yet own because the company has been aggressively cooperating with the Putin dictatorship, and it now finds itself on the outside of the civilized world looking in.  As international sanctions resulting from Putin’s aggression in Ukraine begin to bite and multinationals in Russia run for the exits, companies like International Paper are seeing massive hits to their stock prices as they pay a proper penalty for trying to line their pockets at the expense of democracy.

But then, you can profit even more by investing in companies who are primed to take advantage of Putin’s neo-Soviet aggression, like Elon Musk’s SpaceX, for instance.  As Putin’s crazed conduct severs ties with the West, forcing it to break its dependence on Russia for space transit and fossil fuels, companies like SpaceX and shale fuel developers are poised to step into the breach and score huge gains.

According to the International Monetary Fund, the Russian economy ostracized by the entire Western world, has just entered recession, and continued aggression by Putin resulting in further international sanctions will make that recession much longer and deeper.  Such sanctions are inevitable. Indeed, a phalanx of Republican senators led by John McCain has just introduced legislation designed to codify and entrench them.

Senate action is needed because as even Maureen Dowd agrees, Barack Obama has been running scared on Russia. In a brutal jibe, she hissed:

Especially now that we have this scary World War III vibe with the Russians, we expect the president, especially one who ran as Babe Ruth, to hit home runs.

If this is what the New York Times is willing to admit, dare you imagine how rudderless our nation really is?

But the thing is, Putin’s conduct is so fully deranged and terrifying that it’s thankfully outstripped Obama’s ability to come up with appeasing responses and galvanized the entire world. Putin may well turn out to be the best thing that happens to America this century. In addition to destroying the Russian economy, he has caused an overwhelming vote on the floor of the UN General Assembly in support of the U.S. against Russia and reinvigorated the moribund NATO alliance led by America.

How crazy is Putin? His Goebbels, Alexander Dugin, is openly talking in the classically paranoid Soviet style about reviving the Stalin purges against the enemies of Putin within Russia.  His Pravda, Russia Today, is reporting that China’s economy, which was half the size of America’s last year, will be bigger than the USA’s this year. Even the ballerinas are turning against Putin, who is promoting separatism in a country rife with separatist movements that he has suppressed, creating a precedent for national implosion.