Putin Thumbing His Nose at U.S. Efforts to Stop Iran's Nukes

Last week, the foreign policy architecture of the United States collapsed in truly spectacular fashion.

First, Russia announced it would sign an energy road map with Iran, ushering in a whole new era of cooperation and empowerment, though the ink was barely dry on the Obama administration’s attempt to impose sanctions with teeth on the crazed Islamic dictatorship in order to halt the weaponization of its nuclear prowess. Simultaneously, and seemingly with glee, Russia announced Iran was near to possession of a nuclear bomb. Russia said it was backing away from its promise to observe even the de minimus sanctions against Iran to which it had only just agreed. The notion of selling missiles to Iran, for instance, was back on the table.

Then, as if to prove those who could not imagine Russia doing anything more horrifying were small thinkers, Russia banned together with China to defuse and deflate the world’s attempt to respond to a naked act of aggression by North Korea. That crazed despotic regime was soon hailing the world’s limp response to the sinking of the South Korean naval ship Cheonan as a great victory.”

American values also faced a massive new onslaught in Russia. The government enacted a new law giving the successor to the KGB the power to arrest and intern opposition figures for up to two weeks in prison without charges, another statute that cripples efforts to organize public protests. Also, the Supreme Court permitted the state to shut down any website that publishes comments offensive to the regime and rendered officials in the administration immune from prosecution or suit for human rights offenses. Painters and writers are facing criminal charges simply for engaging in their art.

Even though U.S. unemployment has soared rather than fallen after feeling the effects of the Obama stimulus, the president likes to argue that his policy was still a success because things would have been even worse without his actions.

So, any day now, we’re likely to hear that even though Russia is barreling ahead with horrifying new levels of support for America’s most virulent foes, for not only Iran but also even the likes of North Korea, and openly assaulting basic American values, we’d actually be in hot war with the Russians now but for Obama’s decisive actions.

You have to admire the genius of this formulation: no matter how many appalling errors Obama may make, his policy is always  ... perfect!

Not even revelations about a ghastly trove of Soviet-style spies on America’s own shores could dampen Obam’s blind enthusiasm for the brilliance of his “reset” policy with Russia. With the alacrity of a KGB man, Obama rushed to sweep the entire affair under the White House carpet and push forward with even more favors and compliments for the rogue KGB regime that has seized power in the Russian Kremlin.

The Russian dictator, Vladimir Putin, must find it hard to believe his eyes. With each passing day, Putin is able to enact more and more draconian, neo-Soviet measures designed to promote anti-American values and undermine American security, and the president of the United States seems to be applauding. Putin is even recreating the old party apparatus, using the state party as the gateway to employment and promotion for young people. His foreign minister speaks openly about sowing the seeds of ethnic tumult in Georgia, and they seek to rewrite the history of World War II.

And Obama says nothing. His mouth is too full of hamburger to speak.