Progressive Fascists Devour Tim Hunt, and Themselves

Of course, the colonies of sanctimonious parasites assailing Hunt consider themselves to be the victims of “social forces” and “hegemonic institutions,” but they are really cultural profiteers who have benefited extravagantly from their profession of victimhood, dominating the public arena by imposing their faux narrative on the temper of the times. In this way, the vivacity of thought grows moribund, “diversity” eclipses variety, humor is remaindered like an unread book, an impoverished climate of reason, judgment, and discernment becomes the order of the day, and the faculty of empathy ceases to exist. As Gary Saul Morson writes in an important Commentary essay on the current tenor of the Humanities:

[N]othing makes us less capable of empathy than consciousness of victimhood [which] leads to cruelty that … generates more victims.

Democracy, he continues:

… depends on having a strong sense of the values of diverse opinions. If one imagines (as the Soviets did) that one already has the final truth, and that everyone who disagrees is mad, immoral, or stupid, then why allow opposing opinions to be expressed?

Precisely. The politically correct zealots of the day thus succeed in fastening a rigid conformity upon the expression of ideas, or anything that smacks of difference or eccentricity or even of signal achievement. Naturally, we can expect that even some legitimate practitioners will join the doctrinaire chorus of hypocrites; after all, they may be equally deluded and -- a critical factor -- equally desirous of career advancement. Nonetheless, it is for the most part the school of sciolists and sophists laboring in the chiefly dispensable areas of study -- e.g., gender, queer and fat “studies,” culture theory, post-colonialism -- who rise up against their betters in orgies of spurious and discriminatory polemics.

Consider. Connie St. Louis’ CV presents her as a well-published journalist, scientist, teacher, a “regular contributor to ABC News Worldview,” BBC producer, author, and member of the Royal Institution. But, as the Daily Mail reports, “almost all of the supposed ‘facts’ appear to be untrue.”

She is, admittedly, a member of the Royal Institution, but as a spokesman for the Institution points out, “Anyone can be a member. It’s a service you pay for which entitles you to free tickets to visit us and gives you a discount in our café.” (Incidentally, her webpage is now being updated. Surprise, surprise.)

Tim Hunt, on the other hand, is the winner of many prestigious awards and medals of honor. An authentic researcher, he is one of the detectors of protein molecules that control the process of cell cycle regulation, a key discovery leading to a possible cure for cancer.

In any reasonable world, Hunt would not have to prove his fundamental decency or professional authority to a tribe of philistines and bigots; rather, it is they who would be required to defend their actions before the tribunal of Hunt’s scholarly conscience. Yet Hunt’s confession of error and “stupidity” and his lachrymose comportment effectively validate the world of pharisaical ineptitude represented by the disciplinary hollowness and smug self-election of Connie St. Louis and her fellow custodians of the culture of sham.

It is also curious to note that Hunt’s wife, according to The Observer, is “one of Britain’s senior immunologists,” but she possesses no immunity to the intellectual and cultural decadence of the age. Hunt’s major work is in the field of cell division and cancer therapy, but he cannot muster the acumen and tenacity to analyze the cancerous divisions of the era from which he has suffered and to arrive at a position of countervailing strength.

In any event, the hunt is on and the quarry seems ready to concede the hackneyed and tainted righteousness of the chase. They stalk in harness. One lays a mendacious accusation to ruin the life and reputation of an honorable and scrupulous scientist; the latter acquiesces in his arraignment by ruefully apologizing for his apparent depravity and, in effect, indicting himself. The prey is in essence no different from the predator, adhering to the same detestable standard of judgment which has blighted his life. He may be innocent of the charge brought against him but, in his remorseful surrender to an adversary ideology, he is guilty of compliance with the mores of his plaintiffs. The proceedings of the kangaroo court that, in his own words, has hung him out to dry are consequently reinforced. The irony is inescapable.