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Professional Dystopia: The ObamaDoc

The EMR savings were based on false assumptions from an original Rand Corporation review, which admitted that these savings were hypothetical and based on those many assumptions. They even used a model saying that we would save money by not needing a dictation service, because the physician is now the data entry clerk!

The new ObamaDocs will be on salary for some large corporate entity -- so no need to work extra hard. Did you know that as recently as 2003, some 70% of physicians were in private practice? That means a small business -- a mom-and-pop shop where you knew the doctor, the receptionist, and medical assistant. Like the old-time pharmacist or grocer. You used to choose your physician; now you'll just call the corporate headquarters and be assigned one. Never mind that you may not see him or her again for any emergency -- the number of physicians in a private setting is now about 50%, and Pelosi and the president don't want private practice doctors as part of their overall plan.

They didn't count on a lot of physicians retiring early. A recent New England Journal of Medicine article cited a survey showing that roughly 50% of physicians would retire if there were a government health care plan, and 25% would retire with the existing plan just made into law. The 21% Medicare cut will eventually have to be implemented. Fifteen million new patients will be added to Medicaid. Obama intends for ancillary health care providers, such as nurses, nurse practitioners, aides, and assistants, to be the actual primary care providers, and for a physician to be a backup for only serious problems. There was not one iota of effort made to curb runaway legal expenses, such as defensive medicine, documentation, and malpractice costs. The majority of Americans did not want this outrageously expensive bill to pass. The numbers given the CBO were disingenuous at best -- the real costs are somewhere around $2.8 trillion. The structure for funding this new law is a Ponzi scheme. Pelosi arranged for her and her compatriots to opt out of the new health care pool.

I don't know about you, but I've had enough.