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Productive Class Has Bloody Hands from Presidential Bites

Obama has so trash-talked bankers that he had to declare himself the only one standing between them and the “pitchforks.” He has sweet-talked the union masters, who drove American auto manufacturing into the ground and then wonders why those in right-to-work states think he is a rabid dog about to tear them limb from limb with card check. In the government takeover of General Motors, the feds gave the union bosses the gold mine and private investors the shaft. Like a wild dog off its constitutional leash, the federal government has gnawed at the hands that fed our once vibrant economy.

Obama has poor-mouthed America so much on foreign soil it’s a wonder anyone outside this country would put a plug nickel into any American enterprise. He has had to send emissaries to China, giving the wink and nod to Chinese human rights abuses, even as he begs them to continue supporting our debt. With the liberal dogs of insatiable appetite in charge, nonstop profligate spending and the debt have become dire threats to our national security.

Trying to throw a little healing balm in the direction of business’ bitten-bloody hands, President Obama sought and pushed through Congress a $30 billion small bank lending bill. But there’s a huge problem. The all-too-human business owners are now too skittish about the current regulatory regime -- that rabid, prowling dog again -- to want to take any money through any government program. The community banks, at whom some of this “stimulating” money was aimed, are too bite-shy now to accept the offered bone, and even if they weren’t, they say there’s no need. It’s too late to undo all the presidential bites taken out of the backsides of American business. The too-oft-bitten businesses don’t want to risk borrowing money when the rules may change at any minute, due to the federal dog’s utter unpredictability.

Bitten once, shame on you; bitten twice, shame on me. Bitten this many times by a federal dog growing more aggressive by the hour and no human with half a brain would stick his neck within the feds’ jaws.

So, the president is upset that folks are talking about him like a dog.

Well, if he were smarter than a dog, he would long ago have put a muzzle on himself before he bloodied the business hands that feed us.