Productive Class Has Bloody Hands from Presidential Bites

As the world’s tiniest violin cranks up to play for President Obama, who thinks the people talk about him like a dog, it’s perfect time for a presidential reality check. If whiny King Barack wants sympathy, he needs to look for it in the dictionary. Because, truly, the entire productive class in this country has bloody hands from presidential bites.

The old wisdom, don’t bite the hand that feeds you, seems to have been lost by Barack somewhere between Chicago and the yellow brick road. He came out bashing business from day one and hasn’t stopped yet.

Some commentators postulated early on in this presidency that Obama simply had not transitioned from campaign mode to governing mode. Since his favorite circuit shtick was an inevitable donning of the “negro dialect” (Harry Reid’s phrase, not mine!) hatin’ on the “powers and principalities” of the producers and preachin’ ‘bout “spreadin’ the wealth ‘round,” some of the president’s media sycophants concluded he was so fired up that he just needed a little time to cool down before he got on with the real business of governing.

Barack Obama has had nearly two years to figure out that being president is just a little bit harder than rally-rousing, brow-beating, armchair quarterbacking. In modern American politics, two years is an eternity. On that note, the president got a double-earful of impatience and disillusionment from one of his most loyal ’08 voters in his townhall last week.

No, things are not going well for President Obama. In fact, the most recent polling by CNN shows that the Tea Party, once mocked with glee by the president, is now a more powerful force than Obama himself when it comes to drawing actual votes from actual voters. From CNN’s report:

A solid majority of all Americans -- 56 percent -- say that Obama has fallen short of their expectations. As a result, the president is not in a position to help struggling Democratic candidates; only 37 percent of likely voters say they are more likely to vote for a congressional candidate backed by Obama.

In contrast, half of all likely voters now say they are likely to choose a candidate supported by the conservative Tea Party -- contributing to the GOP's 53 to 44 percent lead when such voters are asked which party's candidate they will choose in November.

President Obama rode into office on the wings of downright euphoric good will. He had a huge and aggressive transition team.  Obama got unprecedented access and cooperation from outgoing President George W. Bush. Yet he was so consumed with using our financial crisis to aggressively pursue the long-stalled return of big government -- which the nation clearly did not want -- that he utterly wasted every advantage before he got clear of the starting gate.

Now, the president is fully engaged in throwing his economic advisers under the oncoming Tea Party bus, when all along, Obama himself has been and will continue to be the clear and present danger. Like a dog’s snarling on a destructive prowl, Obama’s rhetoric has scared the daylights out of business people and investors alike.

Yes, as Barack Obama has said himself -- too many times to count -- “words matter.” The president’s own words have been used to bite the small business hand that feeds us since his first salvo at Joe the Plumber. Since then, he has blasted business executives who go to Las Vegas, even while his own wife excessively feeds the economy of debauchery-ridden Marbella, Spain.  He has indulged his family in luxurious vacations and worked on his golf game, all the while spurning other Americans as selfish and arrogant.

One would think the president never realized that our businesses are our lifeblood and without them, there are no jobs and no tax money. Alas, the president seems clueless.