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Primary Time in DC, MD and WI (Update: Clean Sweep For Romney)

Live results for Washington DC here, Maryland here and Wisconsin here. Romney is expecting a sweep. Given all the tornado action to my north today plus the lack of drama expected tonight, these three primaries feel anticlimactic. Maybe we'll be treated to awkward video of Rick Santorum eating crabs at Obrycki's in Baltimore to liven things up.

Wait -- Obrycki's closed? Seriously? Will nothing survive the Obamacalypse?

Update: Fox called Maryland for Romney about six nanoseconds after the polls closed.

Update (8:05 central): CNN projects Mitt Romney has won Washington DC. Santorum wasn't even on the ballot there, though.

Update (8:24 central): Fox has projected that Romney has also won Wisconsin.

None of tonight's results come as a surprise. Santorum essentially moved on early and is in Pennsylvania campaigning to win his home state primary on April 24. In his speech tonight he is comparing his run with Ronald Reagan's runs in 1976 and 1980. That is the strongest signal yet that he is running now to set himself up for a run in 2016 if Romney does not defeat Obama this fall, or later if he does.

(Thumbnail on PJM Homepage by Christopher Halloran / Shutterstock.com.)